Teeroy is certainly the biggest thing that is about to hit the Nigeria music industry
The singer, writer, Actor, Musician, and graduate of sociology University of Mkar ,Mkar ,discovered his musical talent in his youth and grow in love with entertainment generally.
He was born on the 22nd of May 1991 in Kwande L.G Benue state of Nigeria Africa.
In 2009 TeeRoy had his first record which received so much acceptance and also proceeded him more collaborations and interviews, which had so much impact on his musical dreams.
In 2013 TeeRoy was signed under Famouz19 Records where he drop his debut album in 2015 titled “The Mirrow”. also won an award as the best writer of the year in 2014 by Settle group entertainment.
TeeRoy later became an independent artist and was officially recognised by Mormon Musicians now called Latterday saints musician in 2017. An international blog.
Teeroy have performed alongside most Top Nigerian musicians on different stages in different states.
In 2019 TeeRoy returned fully into music with his gospel song titled “Are You There” (Heavenly Father)? Which is presently enjoying airplay in different countries.
Newsstarlet caught the sight of this star with sonorous voice as he shared his thoughts at some militating factors that has affected his career.
Sponsorship and finance according to him are the basic challenges at the moment. “Hence one has to get a good song which requires alot of money for production and promotions of both audio and video. All these are challenges”.
Also building a fan base and as well maintaining them.
“As an artist one needs a lot of activities to keep your fans glued to you… but all this will only be possible if people should invest and support you”
Teeroy is at present working on his anticipated album,titled”different people “with an international artist which he failed to disclose to Newsstarlet.
“Indeed we are different and unique in our ways and am working on having an international artist on the sing with me.
“It’s not just a song but a project which is geared at sanitizing people about the ills of discrimination and prejudice of any form or kind.”

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