Police Inspector,Sunday Daniel Molests (Abia Facts Newspaper) Reporter .


Going by the impunity which characterises the operations of today’s policing in Nigeria, there’s no gainsaying the fact that Abia State Police Command will not always showcase an act of irresponsibility and unprofessionalism even when its quite glaring that the right thing must be done, they wouldn’t fail to be found wanting and leaving things that needs their attention to outrightly perish.

Journalists all over the world were given the privilege to keep people informed as it was Nigeria’s efforts as well to ensure that Covid 19 is battled and eliminated but it was more confusing how the Police will prefer to fight against these people who carries their functions peacefully,hence the brutality against a reporter of a front line online media platform, Abia facts newspaper ,Thompson Nsisiongabasi whose daily routine has been to monitor the lockdown exercise and other duties as a journalist regarding information disemmination.


Mr. Thompson Nsisiongabasi was on his way to work on Tuesday from Ahiaeke axis, when he got to Orpet junction in Umuahia to see people running but later discovered that Police Officers and Civil Defense Corps members were into a serious fracas at the junction.

Police officers led by one Inspector Sunday Daniel rounded up Thompson and accused him of recording them while his phone has been off since last night due to power failure.

Thompson quickly identified himself as a journalist, but they ignored his identification and started beating him up to a point that blood started running out from his nose.

The police officers also collected his dead phone and seized it.

What was even more worrisome is that the superior officer who arrived and hearing Thompson’s complain at the scene,couldn’t remedy the situation as the said Inspector Sunday Daniel acknowledged beating the journalist, but also denied collecting his phone.

The Commissioner of Police in Abia State will have to do more by ensuring a high level of discipline ,respect and competence is displayed by men of his command who shouldn’t be insensitive towards the importance of Journalists in the Society .

He must as a matter of urgency investigate the matter and bring to book the dishonorable Inspector Sunday Daniel or face a legal consequence which may serve as the only means to address the issue.

Police must fight crimes and avoid intimidating innocent citizens.

Mr.Thompson will need to be compensated for the assault and monies that he spent in treatment should be reimbursed by Inspector Sunday Daniel.

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