Inequality ,ills of the society and denial from the truth has deprived the people the basis to have vital and Authentic Information,hence the coming of Newsstarlet.

The news Starlet has come as a platform that will share information globally with the sole aim of meeting the desires and aspirations of the community to the awareness and happenings,in terms of competence and Professionalism -placed at the forefront .
It breaks the silence and meets the expectations of a deep rooted reportage,we have come under the rules governerning the freedom of Information with global acceptability.
We detest fake news and as well aspires to reach the optimum capacity to make news happen,with breaking news,analysis from the political perspective and sharing of views .
Our esteemed reader is promised substance and content rich with valued task to deliver as our trade mark has placed us as “the Global Compass”,we can never fail to make our mark,as we represent the modern media outfit in anticipation for global acclaim.
The readers digest is all that concerns our editorial policies with exceptional trend .
We welcome your constructive thoughts on our function.

Welcome to the world of the unknown,a fruitful deserted land where supreme nature stands;it’s the news,the starlet has come to stay.

Newsstarlet for all!